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Notice of Proposed NASW Bylaw Changes, Deadline for comment is Sept. 1

Interested in changing, adding, or learning more about any NASW governance requirements, policies, or procedures in the organization's bylaws? Please read the notice of proposed changes to the NASW Bylaws at

If you'd like to add your own suggested bylaws changes, you should submit your amendment here[LINK TO] for consideration by the NASW Board of Directors by September 1.

Any individual members in good standing, NASW chapter executive directors and chapter boards, NASW Board members, and NASW committees and task forces may submit proposed amendments.

Proposed amendments related to the Delegate Assembly follow the body's process ( and should also be submitted by September 1. All other bylaws amendments are within the authority of the NASW Board of Directors.

Visit the NASW Bylaws page at for more information. Questions? Please email


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