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Meet NASW Virginia's Staff

A great benefit for our members is the personal assistance and consultation available from NASW Virginia’s staff. Please feel free to contact the best department for your inquiry. The chapter phone number is: 804-204-1339

Debra Riggs, Executive Director

Liaison to Board of Directors, Chapter Committees, Schools of Social Work, and other organizations; Provides member consultations for questions related to Licensure & Ethics.

Jaime Strohhacker, Professional Development Manager

Inquiries and Assistance relating to Continuing Education & Conference Programs, Event Registration, Course Accreditation, Log-in Assistance & Training-to-Go. 

Bonnie Agnell, Special Projects Assistant​

Cecelia Curtis, Marketing and Advertising

Inquiries and Assistance relating to advertising, marketing with NASW-Virginia or Metro DC, website changes or conference sponsorships 

Andrea Alfaro, Metro DC Chapter Representative

Inquiries and Assistance relating to the Metro DC Chapter.

Michelle Pierre-Louis, CAE Assistant

Inquiries and Assistance relating to the Virginia Chapter Course Accreditation Program (CAP) or Continuing Education Credits (CE's)

Jillian Hughes, Communications

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