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NASW Legislative/Social Justice Agenda

Due to the diverse array of social circumstance encompassed by the realms of social justice and human rights, NASW has identified a set number of issues on which to focus.

Legislative and Social Justice Priorities

  • Voters Rights

  • Immigration

  • Criminal and Juvenile Justice

  • Economic Justice, and

  • Environmental Justice

Voter Rights

  • Increasing Voter Participation

    • It is critical that NASW and our members follow the path of past leaders such as Whitney Young by exerting our national leadership to maximize voter participation through mobilization, voter engagement, and voter registration efforts. Voting is Social Work!

    • NASW has been working in collaboration and partnership with national voter mobilization organizations such as:

      • A collaboration between NASW and Voting is Social Work called Social Work Votes!

      • Rock the Vote

      • Voto Latino

      • Non-Profit Vote

      • National Voter Registration Day

      • The National Voting Rights Taskforce

      • The Census Taskforce

  • Social Work Groups Join Forces with Rock the Vote to Register Voters


The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is  deeply concerned about children who have migrated with or without their families from the Northern Triangle countries in Central America and are seeking asylum. These children have been traumatized by the conditions in their countries, including gang violence. They have been further traumatized by having to flee their homes and, in many cases, being separated from their parents. Many also live with mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression.

These vulnerable children’s physical and emotional well-being  are further jeopardized by ill-advised border enforcement policies. The inhumane treatment of these children offends the conscience of our profession. NASW is working on a number of fronts to address this humanitarian crisis, including meeting with key Congressional leaders and participating in numerous immigration-related coalitions. Social workers must continue to be on the front line in fighting to protect these children’s welfare.

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