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The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world, with 145,000 members. NASW works to enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards, and to advance sound social policies.

NASW-VA provides continuing education programs and has been designated by the VA Board of Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors, as a pre-approved provider of professional continuing education programs for social workers and other mental health professionals. NASW-VA is also highly engaged in legislative advocacy programs that promote sound public policies aimed at meeting human needs and improving the quality of life for social work clients.


As a member of NASW, you get two-for-one benefits, because once you join, you immediately become a member of both the National Chapter and the Virginia Chapter. 

National Member Benefits:

  • Job Search Assistance and Career Information – NASW’s Social Work Career Center (SWCC) helps connect you with jobs, career information, and resources. Check out the SWCC at

  • Insurance Protection – NASW membership helps safeguard your professional career with affordable liability insurance and risk management workshops. Learn more at

  • Specialty Practice Sections – Specialty Practice Sections keep members up-to-date on practice-specific topics and trends, as well as opportunities to earn free CEs. Learn more at

  • Award Winning Publications – Stay connected to best practices in social work through Social Work – the premier journal of the social work profession as well as NASW News and a variety of scholarly books and reference materials. Learn more at

  • Professional Credentials – NASW credentials are a one-line resume attesting to your commitment to advance your social work career. Learn more at

  • Advocacy for You & Your Clients – NASW is instrumental in assuring that the social work perspective is heard and incorporated into pending national and state legislation. To receive free Action Alert e-mails, visit

  • Legal Defense Fund (LDF) – NASW provides financial assistance and support for legal cases and issues of concern to NASW members. Learn more at

  • Supporting the Advancement of Social Work – The NASW Foundation conducts and supports research, provides training and resources, offers scholarships and fellowships to NASW members pursuing graduate studies, and educates the public about social work. Learn more at and

  • Discount Programs – NASW provides members with discounts on products and services, including financial services, hotel stays and car rentals, and much more through its affinity programs.

Your Virginia Chapter Benefits:

  • NASW Virginia Career Department – NASW Virginia has a statewide career department. Connecting you with job openings in your area; information and resources on licensure, CE workshops, advocacy efforts and more.


  • NASW-VA Qualified Supervisor Directory

The Qualified Supervisor Directory (formerly call the Find-a-Supervisor List) contains a list of licensed clinical social workers who wish to provide supervision to others.  These individuals have successfully completed an NASW-VA approved 14-hour course in clinical supervision certification or completed a 14-hour supervision certification course offered by one of the seven providers approved by the Virginia Board of Social Work Regulation 18VAC140-20-105 (Section B.1.)  NASW-VA is one of the seven,. Please Note: The Directory is not linked to the Virginia Board of Social Work and will not negate the supervisee’s requirement to register with the Board prior to starting supervision.

How to Use this Directory

The information in this directory is sorted by city/county. Each listing contains the contact information for each supervisor and a list of other languages spoken (you may enlarge your view by clicking on the document). Each supervisor has provided NASW-VA with background information regarding the following: VA and other state social work licenses held, schools/colleges attended, other certifications held, past employment, insurance and NASW credentials.

Disclaimer: Program participants listed in this Directory supplied all personal information contained in the following pages. NASW-VA is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this document. All listed social workers were properly licensed at the time of publication. Supervisees should confirm license status with the Virginia Board of Social Work prior to obtaining supervision. Listing in this document does not denote endorsement or recommendation by NASW-VA. Rather, it only indicates that the listed social workers meet the criteria for inclusion in the Directory.. This list is provided by NASW-VA only and is NOT maintained by the Virginia Board of Social Work.

How to Access this Directory - To download the Qualified Supervisor Directory, click here and log into your NASW account with the email and password you have used previously or create a new account if you don't have one. All users must "purchase" the list through the Online Store in order to receive an emailed link or to download the list from their Purchase Confirmation page. The list is FREE for members and can be downloaded as often as needed, but the "purchase" process helps us track demand and ensures understanding of the following disclaimer.

Following your purchase, you will be emailed a receipt of payment and a confirmation message. The confirmation message will contain instructions for downloading the list. You can also access the list directly, through your NASW-VA account, by clicking "View Previous Purchases" (shown on the confirmation page immediately after completing your purchase) and selecting the "My Downloadable Products" tab. Your purchases will be shown with highlighted product names, click this link to be taken to a Dropbox folder with the downloadable list. (Please Note: a Dropbox account is NOT required to view/download the list)


NASW Members:      Free

Non-Members:         $30.00

Purchase the Qualified Supervisor Directory List

Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive a receipt of payment email and a purchase confirmation email. The confirmation email will contain a link to the downloadable list. If you are experiencing any difficulty accessing the list, please contact the Chapter Office at 804-204-1339.

To Be Added to the Qualified Supervisor Directory

Each supervisor listed in the NASW-VA Chapter Qualified Supervisor Directory must:

  • Successfully complete a NASW-VA approved 14-hour course in clinical supervision certification; or complete a 14-hour supervision certification course offered by one of the seven providers approved by the Virginia Board of Social Work regulation 18VAC140-20-105 (Section B.1.)  Note:  NASW-VA is one of the seven.

  • Be a licensed clinical social worker in “good standing” with the Virginia Board of Social Work at the time that the NASW-VA Chapter’s Qualified Supervisor Directory is published

  • Complete a Qualified Supervisor Directory Information Application (request the application by contacting and be sure to include your name and the date when you completed a NASW-VA supervision course) or provide documentation of completion if you took your training from another one of the approved providers;

  • Sign the Statement of Understanding on the Information Application – to “certify that the information contained in this application is true,  complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and is made in good faith. I further understand that if any information is later determined to be false, NASW-VA reserves the right to remove this listing from its' directory. I further understand that NASW-VA reserves the right to remove the listing of any person who is found to be in violation of the NASW Code of Ethics, or state social work laws or regulations. I further understand the information noted with an * will be published on the NASW-VA web site”


The cost to be listed in the Directory is:

NASW Members:        Free

Non-Members:           $48.00 

If you are now ready to offer supervision, your supervisee must register with the Virginia Board of Social Work (VBSW) by completing the application found at  On the left side of the webpage, click on Applications & Forms – then under “Registration of Supervision towards LCSW Licensure” click to begin the online process.  In that application the supervisee will name you as the supervisor.  Supervision should not start until your supervisee has been approved by VBSW.  If you have questions about this application process, you may contact VBSW at 804-367-4441.

  • Easy access to a vast array of Professional Development opportunities. online and in-person. You save up to 30% off!

  • Personalized Assistance / Services – NASW Virginia staff members are available to provide consultation and individualized assistance via email and over the phone on several topics including licensure, continuing education, Chapter events, and resource identification.

  • Online learning & CE institute. 

  • Ethics Consultations – NASW Virginia members are able to call the Chapter office at any time to speak with The Executive Director about an ethical situation that is occurring.

  • Legislative Advocacy – NASW Virginia works closely with a full time lobbyist to inform members of current legislation and develop new legislation that will impact their practice or affect their clients’ lives.

  • CE Tracking Service – NASW VA offers a Continuing Education (CE) Tracking Service that helps prepare social workers to confidently respond to a State audit of their CE hours. NASW-Virginia members receive a discounted price for the use of this service.

  • Private Forums- NASW Virginia members gain access to private membership forums on both Linkedin and Facebook to stay connected with social workers throughout the Commonwealth and learn about import topics on a daily basis.

  • Virtual Book Club

As a NASW-VA Member, you have exclusive access to our virtual book club that will connect you to a LinkedIn group to discuss relevant books for social workers. The book club will give members the opportunity to:

-  Earn 3 CEUs for each book that they read and pass a short quiz with a score of 80% or more (the group will read six books per year so 

   participants can earn up to 18 CEUs per year)

-  Read interesting books related to social work

-  Connect with other social workers to grow their professional network and learn from their peers

-  Participate entirely online so the program can work with people's busy schedules

-  Hold themselves accountable to reading by being part of a cohort


Members receive $20 off the full price!

  • Hotel Engine 

Traveling soon?  NASW Virginia has added a new benefit for you, our members.  Through our partnership with Hotel Engine, an invitation-only hotel booking platform, NASW Virginia members can now save an average of 26% at more than 100,000 hotels across North America, South America, and Europe.

NASW-VA Offers Great Member Perks for Students Too!


The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is proud to support your first step into the social work

profession. Did you know that every NASW student member is sponsored with the generous support of

more than 80 regular members? Regular members pay $150-$225, but students pay just  $57. Your

discounted membership is our way of welcoming you to the social work community. 

Join NASW to advance your career, to connect with mentors and colleagues, and to advocate for important social issues. NASW members enjoy benefits and networking provided by both the NASW national office and their local chapter, for one annual fee.

NASW members represent the very best of social work in academia, practice, research, and policy. Through NASW, we have a larger voice and more influence with elected leaders, policy makers, and employers to make critical changes that support the social work profession and society.

Join the professional network most committed to your success as a social worker.

Resources for Students - You’ve chosen a profession dedicated to improving lives. NASW offers resources

to help you throughout your entire career. 


The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership

organization of professional social workers in the world. NASW works to enhance the professional

growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards, and to advance sound social policies.

Explore the Social Work Profession - Social work is an excellent career choice for those who care about human dignity and social justice. The field is just as diverse as the individuals, families, and communities we serve. Learn about the many career options in the field, how to get started on a social work career path, internships, licensing, and more.


Find a Job in Social Work - NASW resources can help you progress from student to employed social work professional.

Code of Ethics -  The NASW Code of Ethics is a set of standards for the professional conduct of social workers. All NASW members must affirm their commitment to abide by the Code of Ethics. It is essential for schools of social work and for in-service training for agencies. Available in English and Spanish.


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