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Updated: Feb 7, 2023

NASW Virginia Honors Black Social Workers during Black History Month

“As we celebrate Black History Month in February, NASW Virginia Chapter applauds the thousands of Black social workers in our state who have served as role models, leaders, pioneers, and change makers throughout the long history of the social work profession,” says NASW Virginia Chapter Executive Director Debra Riggs, CAE.

“In addition, many clients owe these social workers their very lives and mental well-being, due to the hard work and support shown them during the pandemic, in particular. We thank Black social workers for their professional excellence and are grateful for their continued guidance and commitment, especially in light of the oppression all African Americans have suffered for the past 400 years.

“We know simple gratitude isn’t enough,” Riggs continues. “As a profession, as a chapter, and as individuals committed to change, we continue to work hard ourselves to eliminate systemic racism and to redress past prejudices and biases. This commemorative month lets us reassert our pledge to do better. We hope all social workers will read the chapter’s Statement on Racial Justice and Equity and join our advocacy and education efforts.”

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