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More than 80% of BSW and MSW graduates carry loan debt, according to the Council on Social Work Education, and managing student loans as a social worker comes with unique challenges. Many social workers have both undergraduate and post-graduate education, leading to more debt. NASW has partnered with Savi, a student loan technology company, to provide members with access to resources and expertise to better understand, manage, and repay student loan debt. The Savi Student Loan Tool analyzes repayment and forgiveness programs to help borrowers make better decisions and determine the best solution, and can also provide digital enrollment and re-enrollment each year. Members can select a free account to explore options at no cost or choose a member-discounted premium account to get help enrolling and submitting application paperwork directly to loan servicers, as well as to access one-on-one support with student loan experts. According to Savi, users have a projected average savings of $2,064 a year and save hours in paperwork and anxiety. NASW and NASW Virginia advocate for loan forgiveness for social workers as part of their ongoing work to improve working conditions and salaries, to support social work professionals, and to ensure that consumers have continued access to qualified professionals.


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