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Updated: Jun 4

Spiritual abuse, a form of coercion and control within a spiritual context, inflicts deep emotional wounds on victims. This just-added, live-virtual workshop June 16 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET delves into the manifestations of spiritual abuse, including manipulation, enforced accountability, censorship, secrecy, and pressure to conform. 

Among the topics covered in “Working with Clients with Religious and Spiritual Abuse” are how abusers misuse scripture and religious authority (often coupled with claims of divine mandate) to dominate victims, different types of spiritual violence and abuse, symptoms of this type of abuse, prevention tactics, and religious trauma syndrome and related PTSD. It also covers ways that victims are often isolated and how clinicians can help promote healing and prevent further harm. 

In addition, instructor Ed Geraty, LCSW-C, will review a Religious Harm and Abuse screening tool and successful tactics for clinically working with abuse survivors.


Cost of the 3-CE workshop is $60, NASW members; $78, nonmembers. Registration deadline is June 13.


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