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The Rosa Jimenez-Vazquez Memorial Fund for Complementary Therapies Practice

The NASW Virginia (NASWVA) Chapter is honored to announce the creation of The Rosa Jimenez-Vazquez Memorial Fund for Complementary Therapy(s) Practice.  NASWVA is delighted to invite you to contribute to this fund, in memory of and to honor this lifelong social worker and NASW member for 50 years: Rosa Jimenez-Vazquez.


Rosa Jimenez-Vazquez made a lifetime of outstanding contributions to the profession of social work that spanned more than five decades. She was dedicated and committed, not only to the profession of social work, through her leadership, but also to lifelong learning, with a special emphasis on the Complementary Therapies practice.


Recently, Rosa passed on, but she will leave a legacy of dedication, commitment, and support to the social work profession, specifically in the state of Virginia. She was a past faculty member with the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work and a former Board member with the NASWVA Chapter.  


She held numerous leadership positions and spent her career focusing on, teaching and integrating other non-traditional practices. The goal of this fund is to establish and build funds that will support NASWVA in its effort to offer specific trainings and development in the complementary therapy arena.


Sylvia Hallock, Rosa’s life partner, has made an initial contribution to the fund. We hope that with your contribution, we can build a fund that will offer an annual symposium with a focus on Complementary Therapy(s) practice. Please know that we are partnering with The NASW Foundation, our 501(c)(3) charitable entity, so that donations may be tax deductible as charitable contributions.

Click here for the form to make a donation.

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