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RSVP today to join social workers from Virginia, Metro DC, and other states for a March On for Voting Rights event August 28 at 11 a.m. in McPherson Square on 15th Street NW to protest the rising number of anti-voting laws and regulations being passed by legislatures throughout the nation. Since January, 48 states have introduced 389 bills that amount to shameful, outright voter suppression, and many have already become law. These laws suppress voting methods that enrich our democracy by leading to high turnout: banning ballot drop boxes and mail-in voting, reducing early voting days and hours, restricting who can get a mail-in ballot, prohibiting officials from promoting the use of mail-in ballots (even when voters qualify), and even criminalizing the distribution of water to voters waiting in the long lines these laws create.

Racist, anti-democratic voter suppression laws amount to rigging the game. But in America, elections are not a game—and lives depend on their outcomes. That’s why the National Association of Social Workers—working in partnership with the NASW Virginia Chapter, NASW Metro DC Chapter, and NASW chapters nationwide—are marching August 28 on Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; Miami; Houston; Phoenix; and other cities across America to draw attention to the fact that social workers like you, alongside other ally organizations, will fight back! We will NOT be silent when our voices are threatened. We will NOT sit still when people try to take away our right to vote and limit our ability to elect the officials we want to represent us in a democratic America. Advocacy Is Social Work!


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