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Resources for “Unwinding” Public Health Emergency Medicare and Medicaid Care Requirements

During the Public Health Emergency, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented continuous coverage requirements and additional flexibilities to help people across the country get on, and stay on, Medicaid. Since these adjustments were primarily intended to address the effects of a rapidly evolving pandemic, many flexibilities were set to terminate at the end of the PHE.

However, the recently enacted Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 set the end date of the Medicaid continuous coverage requirement as March 31, 2023. As a result, state Medicaid agencies will begin the process of redetermining Medicaid eligibility as early as February. The first Medicaid terminations can happen as early as April 1, 2023.

NHeLP is committed to supporting the national partners and advocates on the ground as it works during the unwinding to preserve Medicaid coverage for all who remain eligible.

Here are some resources available for social workers now:

NHeLP Public Health Emergency Unwinding Resource webpage – Check back for frequent updates and additional publications.

PHE and Continuous Coverage Unwinding Resources – A comprehensive list of PHE and continuous coverage unwinding guidance and resources (updated Jan. 2023).

Learn more by accessing this January 2023 blog post.

Won't you be our Medicaid valentine? We can't offer you red roses, but we can give advocates red flags to watch for as states begin their unwinding period for the continuous coverage provision. We will review the minimum requirements for redeterminations and the different methods CMS is allowing states to use during the unwinding. We will also discuss predicted problem areas and advocacy opportunities, as well as have time for questions.

Registration: here. If you have any accommodation requests, please contact the Operations Team ( at least 4 days prior to the webinar.

NHeLP Presenters: Elizabeth Edwards, Sarah Grusin, Miriam Heard


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