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Welcome to the start of a new school year! The NASW Virginia Chapter staff thanks you for the work you’ve been doing in preparation to serve the children and families of the 2022-2023 year. You are making a critical difference in the lives of so many!

In case you need additional support, the National Association of Social Workers has created resources just for you to support you in your specialty:

It covers the direct practice part of the school social worker's job, as well as the administrative and policy-driven aspects such as child abuse reporting, disciplinary interventions, training, and dealing with teachers and parents. Sample forms, individual and group counseling activities, school programs, and crisis intervention protocols and assessments and included.

  • Multisystem Skills and Interventions in School Social Work Practice.Edith M. Freeman, Cynthia G. Franklin, Rowena Fong, Gary L. Shaffer, and Elizabeth M. Timberlake, Editors. ISBN: 0-87101-295-2. 1998. Item #2952. 492 pages. $14.39 (a 10% saving off nonmember price of $15.99) when you enter your member number and discount code to receive member discount at checkout.

The 45-chapter book covers multisystem interventions at different levels to address challenges such as curbing aggressive child behavior, improving attendance in at-risk elementary school children, empowering families, working with teenagers with ADHD, preventing youth suicide and substance abuse, policy development and reform, Medicaid managed care and urban poor people, and more.

Thank you for your commitment to the profession and to NASW. This will be another challenging year with the ongoing pandemic, but the chapter is here to serve and support you.

Please email me executive director, Debra Riggs, CAE at if you need any assistance. Have a wonderful year!


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