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NASW Virginia Statement on Leaked U.S. Supreme Court Draft Opinion on Abortion

On May 3, a draft opinion from the Supreme Court was leaked that indicates Roe vs. Wade faces imminent demise, and states will be allowed to restrict or outright ban abortions. This has grave implications for Virginia, since the tight political balance in our General Assembly—as well as the anti-choice activism of Virginia Gov. Youngkin--poises the state on the brink of removing free reproductive choice. If Virginia were to follow Texas legislators, such a ban could even apply in cases of incest, rape, and “lethal fatal abnormalities.”

Women with resources could possibly travel out of state, but this mandate would have a disparate impact on people who are Black, Indigenous, of color, of low resources, and otherwise marginalized.

NASWVA remains opposed to any efforts to limit, restrict, or ban abortions, reproductive care, and access for any person. We believe in the expansion of healthcare, and abortion is an aspect of healthcare. NASW’s Social Work Speaks (12th edition) and NASWVA Chapter’s legislative priorities are guided by a person’s right to choose their care:

  • NASW “oppos[es] the repeal of Roe vs. Wade.” (Social Work Speaks, 12th Edition)

  • NASW supports “efforts to objectively educate individuals on the range of options available to them when facing an unplanned pregnancy, including abortion and adoption services, based on evidence and the beliefs of the client.” (Social Work Speaks, 12th Edition)

  • NASW Virginia will fight to ensure that every Virginian—with an emphasis on low-income and at-risk populations--has access to affordable, quality healthcare, including reproductive healthcare, and will explore ways to increase Medicaid eligibility and access.

We will continue to track the developments of the Supreme Court and on the national stage, as well as update you on state implications. NASW Virginia remains firmly committed to supporting social work and social workers’ engagement in reproductive care and choices.

Despite challenging times ahead, we pledge to stand by our clients and their right to choose their own healthcare. We will not give up on our commitment to ensure that everyone retains control and autonomy over their own body.


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