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NASW Virginia and Metro DC Chapters Celebrate National Women’s Health Week

It’s National Women’s Health Week May 8-12! Organized by the U.S. Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health, this week “encourages women and girls to reflect on their individual health needs and take steps to improve their overall health,” including mental health.

The 2022 theme, Forward Focus: Achieving Healthier Futures Together, “emphasizes the unique but important role that each of us plays in helping women live their healthiest lives,” and day 1 tackles COVID-19 protection.

The latter is especially timely since case numbers of the virus have been rising in Virginia and Metro DC. In addition, the NASW Virginia and Metro DC chapters—as well as other chapters—are participating in “Connect to End COVID-19,” a federal grant-funded initiative of NASW, University of Texas, and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

The initiative, which runs through September 30, includes resources and free training[LINK] of social workers in tools and techniques such as Motivational Interviewing to support and inform clients on their decision-making journeys regarding COVID-19 vaccination. Special populations, including Blacks, rural residents, and other marginalized communities, are of particular focus since they are least likely to be vaccinated. Social workers can earn free CEUs for viewing each of the three recorded training webinars available on NASW’s CE Institute.

Throughout this commemorative week, the chapters will share daily themes and messages to emphasize key steps women and girls can take for good health.

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