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July Member Spotlight, Meet Dr. Tammy Knoll

Dr. Tammy Knoll, a licensed social worker and Ph.D., lives in the beautiful area of Lake Ridge, Virginia. She owns a virtual private practice called Counseling Rite that serves clients all over Virginia’'s culturally-rich counties. She is passionate about providing trauma-informed care for survivors of workplace aggression, first responder trauma, generational trauma, racial trauma, substance misuse, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Post-traumatic stress disorder, and narcissistic abuse.

She has also published a curriculum for traumatized children for her dissertation. It is an integrative model that uses spiritual intervention, art therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment therapy to help children with trauma. Dr. Knoll has also contracted with the military to teach clinicians about the insidiousness of narcissistic abuse, a form of emotional abuse that has reemerged as a point of interest in the clinical community. We are honored to have her as a NASW-VA member!

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