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The NASW Virginia Chapter seeks volunteers to serve on its Accreditation Committee and help review trainings under our Course Accreditation Program (CAP). NASWVA is an accrediting body for trainings offered by other organizations in the behavioral health field as indicated in the Regulations Governing the Practice of Social Work issued by the Virginia Board of Social Work.

CAP certifies workshops, conferences, seminars, and other types of programs that contribute to social work knowledge in all areas of practice (health, mental health, child/family services, etc.) and methodology (including clinical, administrative, management, policy, etc.). The goal of the program is to encourage continuing education (CE) by all Virginia social workers and to establish a professional standard of excellence for such training offerings.

Members of the Accreditation Committee will review applications and supporting documents on a rotating schedule. As a volunteer, all information will be emailed to you with a link to a survey where the results of your review are documented.

For more information, please email Debra Riggs, CAE, executive director, at


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