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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

NASW Virginia warmly welcomes new exhibitor, Konnect, a recently released mobile phone application for child welfare teams promoting family reunification. Through its meaningful work, Konnect emphasizes the value of family by enhancing communication, planning, and resources within so-called “villages” of support.

The app creates a platform for child welfare teams to have shared messaging, team scheduling, and local resource sharing—all done privately without sharing personal phone numbers.

“We believe that by enhancing the communication and information shared amongst team members, Konnect will reduce the amount of time a child spends in an out of home placement and promote family reunification,” explains CEO Anne Perkins, MSW. “We’re looking for agencies that want to lead child welfare into the digital transformation, and we’re excited that we will be launching statewide this fall!”

Konnect will be selecting several local agencies of the Virginia Departments of Social Services (DSS) to pilot the application and receive early access this spring. Pilot agencies will receive free access to the app for one year and provide crucial feedback to ensure the application is meeting family’s needs.


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