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Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health is one of the most comprehensive behavioral healthcare organizations in the country, founded in 1912 by one of the first pioneers in the field, Helena Devereux.

Today Devereux is an established non-profit organization providing services through a unique model that connects the latest scientific and medical advancements to practical, effective interventions in the treatment of behavioral health.

The Devereux Florida center was established in 1987 to meet the emotional and behavioral needs of youth having experienced significant trauma and has grown to a statewide operation, serving over 5,000 children and families each day through a broad continuum of services.

The Devereux Florida Viera Campus offers a professional therapeutic environment for children and adolescents facing significant emotional, behavioral and developmental challenges.

The Viera Campus accommodates 136 youth on a 55 acre campus, with a total of six residential units, an onsite accredited k-12 Devereux School and a state of the art Activity and Wellness Center. All Devereux Florida programs are accredited by the Joint Commission.


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