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Taught by popular instructor Teresa Tivenan, this workshop introduces you to the fascinating use of the Enneagram, a personality system that promotes the integration of psychology and spirituality, and enhances self-knowledge and growth. You’ll learn foundational information about the Enneagram, basic theoretical underpinnings of Enneagram Theory, its potential application in clinical situations, and ways it can be used to promote deeper self-knowledge and use of self in the therapeutic relationship.

Cost savings: $45 (save $5), NASW members; $65.80 (save $7.20), nonmembers

Not quite ready yet? You have until December 1 for the final registration deadline but can only apply the flash-sale discount today.

Hurry! This flash sale only runs until 11:59 p.m. tonight, so don’t miss out.

Act now as we “give thanks” with special fall savings in honor of all you do as a social worker.


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