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NASWVA Committees

NASW-VA supports and advances the interests of individual social workers and the social work profession through a number of committees and special interest groups.

If you would like to join a committee or special interest group, we want to hear from you. For more information, please contact Debra Riggs, Executive Director, at 804.204.1339 or via email at

2019/2020 Committee Help Needs

Do you want to take on a leadership role within NASWVA? Joining one of our committees is a great way to learn more about the Association, network with other social workers, and contribute in a meaningful way. Check out our current committee needs below; feel free to reach out to Executive Director, Debra Riggs, with any questions.

Are you a student looking for a way to become more involved? Check out our Student Ambassador program.

Have ideas for continuing education? Join the Conference Committee


WHAT IS THE ROLE? It's hard to believe, but we are already beginning work on the 2020 Annual Conference, which will take place next March. Are you interested in helping identify potential speakers, figure out which topics will resonate with attendees, or determining which exhibitors may be of interest? Do you want to help your fellow attendees enjoy an even-more-amazing conference? Then the Conference Committee might be a good fit for you. The committee works hand-in-hand with the NASWVA staff to determine the schedule and source the speakers.


WHO IS NEEDED?  We are seeking a handful of NASWVA members who have their pulse on what's new and compelling in social work. The committee members should be active, engaged learners who can help us make connections between the needs and wishes of our professionals and the speakers and topics which meet those needs. Bring your ideas to make the conference impactful, inspiring, and interesting.


REQUIREMENTS & TIME COMMITMENT? You must be an NASWVA member in good standing. The commitment for the committee is mostly in the next six months (May - October) and will involve a few hours of work each month. As the conference nears, you will act as a resource as needed for staff, and, at the event, help as needed.


If you are interested in joining the Conference Committee, please reach out to Debra Riggs at

Are you interested in advocacy and policy? Join the Legislative Committee


WHAT IS THE ROLE? An important role of NASW is to advocate for legislation and policies that benefit social workers and those we serve, especially in the social justice arena. The national office has employees that work to do this on the federal level, but in the Commonwealth, we rely on our Executive Director, Debra Riggs, our lobbyist, and our legislative committee. The committee will help identify key legislation to follow, support or oppose, and work with staff to help push the information to members for input and action. The committee makes recommendations to the Board on pertinent issues and develops and recommends positions and strategies for pursuing these issues. The committee is also charged with keeping the membership informed about public policy issues that affect them as professional social workers.


WHO IS NEEDED? We are looking for a few additional members to join this important committee. You are interested in policy and the issues that affect our work and our clients. Good research skills are desired, and if you like to write, that's a plus, as we would love to include more advocacy information in our newsletter, on the website, etc. and could use a hand with that. If your work focuses on the macro angle or you're a clinical practitioner (in healthcare or aging in particular) that deals in policy, we would love your help!


REQUIREMENTS & TIME COMMITMENT? You must be an NASWVA member in good standing. The busiest time for the Legislative Committee is when the General Assembly is in session (January/February). During this time, the committee meets a few times a month and works to follow legislation, inform our members, and generate interest and action. During the rest of the year, the committee works as needed, including some meetings in the fall to plan for the upcoming session.


If you are interested in joining the Legislative Committee, please reach out to Debra Riggs at

Do you want to impact the political process? Join the Political Action Committee (Virginia PACE)


WHAT IS THE ROLE? The main duty and responsibility is to determine where donated member funds given to NASWVA's Political Action Committee should go. Through the PAC, NASWVA supports candidates who support NASWVA policies and legislation that help social workers and those we serve.


WHO IS NEEDED? Members of this committee are critical in furthering NASWVA's political goals, and we are looking for a few members to join this group. You are interested in policy and the issues that affect our work and our clients, and you'd like to meet some of the candidates. If you can research, analyze, and understand candidate stances to make meaningful suggestions on those whom NASWVA's PAC should support, your help is needed.


REQUIREMENTS & TIME COMMITMENT? You must be an NASWVA member in good standing. The committee meets primarily running up to the election cycle. Time commitment varies based on the year, the number of key races, and the needs of the organization.


If you are interested in joining PACE, please reach out to Debra Riggs at


Accreditation Committee
The Accreditation Committee’s mission is to authorize/certify vendors offering educational opportunities to NASWVA members.

Professional Development Committee
The mission of the Education Committee is to develop and implement continuing education programs, including the Annual Conference, designed to meet the professional and educational needs of the membership.

Nominations and Leadership Identification Committee
This Committee (NLIC) is charged with identifying members to serve in state leadership positions. The committee works closely with local districts to develop a leadership roster. Members are elected for 2-year term.

Student Advisory Committee
The Student Advisory committee is a forum for student members to voice their wants and needs to NASW-VA.

Workforce Capacity Taskforce

NASW Virginia's Ethics Committee

The primary responsibility of this Committee is to hear complaints filed in accordance with the Association’s policy for adjudication of grievances. The goal of the adjudication process is to take action that protects the public from practices that violate the Code of Ethics and to protect NASW members against exploitation and injustice in employment.

The Committee is composed of NASW-VA members who, upon receipt of a complaint, may convene a hearing panel to investigate any allegations, make a determination of facts, and assess sanctions against a member or agency. The COI is authorized to investigate allegations of:

  • Violations of the Code of Ethics by a member

  • Violations of personnel policies by an agency concerning a member

  • Restraint of professional actions

Please direct ethical questions to Debra Riggs (, NASW Virginia's Executive Director

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