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2023 Joint Annual Conference Digital Program

Welcome to the 2023 Annual Conference! We're so excited to see you in-person this year and hope that you are equally looking forward to attending sessions, learning with your peers, visiting exhibit booths, winning prizes and more!

Make sure that you visit the registration desk upon arrival at the conference center. When you check-in at conference registration you will receive a conference bag with items that will help get you started enjoying your experience to the max! If you need any more assistance, you can find a staff member at the registration desk or at the NASW member table in the conference exhibit hall.

If you haven't downloaded the conference app already, all attendees are able to download and log-in with the email you used to register for the conference. Download links for iOS and Android are listed on this page and listed through out the conference.


Session evaluations will be completed either through the conference desktop platform or via the app. You can view the virtual conference desktop platform at this link:

Why download the conference app? The 2023 Conference App has all the information you could possibly need about the conference. You can review all conference agendas, participate in the leader board, take your session evaluations, download your CE certificates and more. The conference app is an essential part of your conference experience that you won't want to miss!


You received a passport-to-prizes card in your 2023 conference bag upon arriving at the registration desk. Please make sure that you put your name on the front of your passport and return it to the NASW exhibit booth before Saturday at noon for a chance to win a conference prize.

How to win:

Visit each exhibit booth in the conference exhibit hall to receive a signature on the exhibit square. 

When you are visit each exhibit booth please scan the QR code that is associated with that booth to receive points in the conference app. Instructions for in-app leaderboard points are listed on this page. If you need further assistance please see the NASW exhibit booth.

Once you have received a signature from every conference exhibit booth make sure that you return your passport to the NASW exhibit booth.

Winners will be attendees that completed a combination of leaderboard points AND turned in their passport-to-prizes.

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